• Save up to two-thirds or more on commercial water heating costs
  • Ideal for hotels, guesthouses, B&B’s, universities, factories and offices
  • Modularity allows multiple units to be linked
  • Water output temperature adjustable from 40°C to 60°C
  • Heating periods controlled by timer; heats day or night, rain or shine
  • Electric expansion valve supplies hot water with stable temperature and extends the life of compressor
  • New controller with touch-key operation, 3 timer setting periods and battery back-up. Can be mounted up to 20m from Heat Pump.

While the largest Alliance commercial unit is 38.5 kW, capable of heating 1000 litres/hour. Modularity allows up to 16 sets to be linked, with water temperature adjustable from 40° to 60°. Because water heating can take place any time of day or night (i.e. when electricity demand is low), as well as during cloudy or rainy weather, Alliance Heat Pumps are ideal for commercial applications such as hotels, guesthouses, B&B’s, hostels, factories and offices.

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